Important Note to any injured firefighter families or families of fallen firefighters:

Check with an attorney before accepting Worker’s Compensation Benefit payments to determine whether you give up any important legal rights by accepting the payment in any given state.

The tough part of being connected with the Wildland Firefighters Foundation is that you are probably here because you have experienced loss and/or trauma. Part of being human, being alive, means we all experience loss and trauma. Loss and trauma can be devastating. The support you need on this journey to hope and healing is here at the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. We care and you are not alone. No matter the transformative life event, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is always there for our wildland community. We work to bridge the gap of resources not already provided by the government during these challenging and difficult times.

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    Lists of organizations specializing in helping families and loved ones of fallen firefighters, downloadable reading material and presentations, and more external references important to the families and loved ones of fallen firefighters.

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