Where Compassion Spreads Like Wildfire

How the Foundation came about

Vicki Minor, the Executive Director and Founder of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, decided that in 1994 after the loss of 14 courageous firefighters at Storm King Mountain in Colorado, to start fundraising to raise money for the families of those fallen. By the end of that fire season there had been 38 firefighters lost. Vicki sent all the money she had raised to a foundation back east and, two years later, found out that not one of the families had received any of that money. Vicki called some of her fire friends, emptied her retirement fund and, in her kitchen in Boise, ID, started the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. Vicki has never given a second thought to cashing out her retirement money to get the Foundation started because helping the injured and assisting the families of the fallen was, and still is, her purpose. Since conception, the Foundation has taken off like wildfire.

Our Partnership

This past April Vicki Minor went back to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and met with Chief Ron Siarnicki to discuss the 16 Wildland Firefighter Initiatives. She also attended the Everyone Goes Home in Wildland summit meeting. There were representatives from all aspects of the Wildland Community, from contractors to Federal agencies including the Chief of the Forest service.

Vicki has pledged our organization’s full support for this partnership with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Our Growth

In the US the magnitude of fires has grown greatly due to climate change. The need for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation has become immeasurable. We used to have fire seasons, now we have fire years. It’s not only the fatalities and the physical injuries, it’s also about the mental health for the firefighters and their families.

52 Club

Your 52 Club Membership helps the Foundation with the following programs:

  • Tragedy Assistance – Line of Duty Death (LODD)
  • Tragedy Assistance – Line of Duty Injury (LODI)
  • Tragedy Assistance – Extended Care of LODI’s (in extreme cases)
  • Tragedy Assistance – Extended Care of LODD’s (in extreme cases)
  • Hardship for Wildland Firefighters
  • Family Fire Weekend for Families of Fallen
  • Kids camp for the Children of Fallen Firefighters (Coming Soon)
  • Santa’s Helper for the Children of Fallen and Injured
  • Onsite Counseling Services for Trauma
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Workers Comp Assistance

Right now the need is greater than ever.

We Stand With You

Wildland Firefighter Foundation’s main focus is to help families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families.  We honor and acknowledge past, present, and future members of the wildland firefighting community, and partner with private and interagency organizations to bring recognition to wildland firefighters.

We help maintain and grow the national monument established for our fallen. We operate a financial fund which provides critical assistance to the families of fallen and injured firefighters. We partner with private and interagency organizations to educate the public about wildland fires and promote excellence and safety in firefighting. We present program information and in some instances, onsite crisis support, to government and private fire agencies and other organizations.