Michael Vejar – CloudCasters, Inc.

Paul David-ID

Christopher Fogle – In Honor of BDFD

Judy Palmer, AZ
Mike Smith, CO

Geoff Wilford, CA
Amanda McAdams, Intermountain Region, UT
Robert Palmer, OR
John Cataldo,Yellowstone NP, WY (formerly Ukonom Hotshots)
Chad Stewart, NM
Rex Luttrell, Nevada BLM
James Isaacs, Boone Fire Department, SC
Jamie Atkins, In Memory of Rob Browning, SC
Bill Arsenault, ID
Nolene Hollifield – 2009/2014 – In Memory of Monica Zajanc – Krassel
Bobby Bloodworth FMO MO/IA Park Group
James Isaacs, Boone Fire Department, SC

John Fidler, Missoula Rural Fire Dept, MT-First Lifetime Member!
Dr. Mellie Corriel, CA
Stephen Myers, USFS Retired-CA
Jim Ott, USFS Retired-CA
Rick Dunlap, IDJim Felix, The Supply Cache, CO
Diane Felix, The Supply Cache, CO
In Memory of Thomas Walton Hambly
Dick Spiess, CO
Fred Baldwin, PA-C WYKen Brinkley, In Memory of Levi, OR
Susanne Steele, In Memory of David Steele, OR
Paul Steele, In Memory of David Steele, OR
Bill Goodman, USFS Fremont Winema NF, OR   Isaac Siegel, Los Padres Hotshots, CA
Daryl Stockdale, MT
Terry Swinscoe, UT
Ken Kemptner, FSCAJim Saveland, CO
LeAnn Beery, AZ State Forestry
Cathy Hutton, WY
Cliff Hutton, WY
Roger W Murray, CA Steve Williams, WY
Helen Graham, AZ
Dewey Rebbe, Gila Hotshots
Robb D Beery, Retired FD, AZ
Dale Ball, La Canada Fundraiser, CA
Betty Ashe, CA
Rocky D Beery, USFS
Tony Duprey, Los Padres Hotshots
Joe Brinkley, McCall Smokejumper, ID
Mark Gerwe, CA
Bodie Shaw, ID Shawna Legarza, FMO, CO
Karla Luttrell, Nevada BLM R1 Forest Service Jamie Atkins, In Memory of Rob Browning, SC
Lee Nelson, MN
In Memory of Edward D. Waggy
In Memory of Mark Cooper
George Pond, CA
Will Steiner, In memory of Todd Tompkins
Deb Strickland, AK
Paul Davis, Snake River Hotshots
Syndy Zerr, NPS – Lava Beds National Park
Bob Schober, AK, SJ 3400
Lori Greeno, In Memory of John, CA
Lt Scott Ernest, WA
Nick Lauria, CO
Darlene Hall, California Incident Management Team 4, Chester, CA
Drew Dingmann, ID
“Scott Campbell, FMO-Asst. Fire Marshal, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, CO
Donald Brian Lehoux 1st, ME
Mary K. Sprague (Salyer) – In Memory of Ken Salyer
Gilbert A. Romero Jr., NM
#74 LTC Paul Hannemann, TX
Craig Lodge – Rocky Mountain Wildland
Melanie Fullman – US Forest Service Honor Guard, WY
Ian Valley – US Forest Service, ID
Martie Hale – CIIMT4- US Forest Service, CA Bill Arsenault, ID
Mitzi Classay – “In Loving Memory of Deon Classay”
Sasha Ernst – NPS Cumberland Gap Wildland Fire Module
Darren Holt – Digby’s Fire Support, Visalia, CA
Dennis Cross – Cross Connections- In Honor of Everyone That Stands The Watch
Thomas Stevens, CA
Raymond Bahn – In Memory of my brother Fredrico – PO Bahn & Sons, CA
Lance Robinson, WY
Kevin Hopf, AZ
David Moravek – El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Wildland Fire Crew, CO
Rachel Betz, CO
Zuri Betz, CO
Steven Ipswitch, FMO Standing Rock Agency, SD
Lee-Ann Freire – In Honor of the Shoshone National Forest Crews and the Wyoming Hotshots Timothy Garity, GA
Michele Tanzi – R5 ENF – Retired USFS Battalion Chief – In Memory of all Wildland Fire Fatalities
Jeb Backe – In Memory of Granite Mountain IHC
Lane Lamoreaux – McCall Smokejumper – In Honor of Pete Dutchick & In Memory of Joe Philpott
Stephen Blystone – El Paso County Wildland Crew, CO
Patrick Lingley, In Memory of Eric Marsh & Honor of Granite Mountain IHC
Joe Krizanic, WA
Stephen J. Abbott, CA
Chad Stewart, NM “Thx for the great service the WFF provides! I continue to be impressed!”
Rigo Castro, Forest Service Captain, CNF
Steve Gage, ID
Ben Garthwait, UT
Mike Cobb, Black Forest Fire Dept.
Bruce Lodge, CA -in memory of Eva Schieke 9/12/04
Jeb Pronto – Tahoe NF, CA
Danielle Armantrout- In Honor of all that have lost their life protecting us
Jon A. Sullivan- Sullivan Motors, AZ
Evan Karp, AK
Brandon Fischer -North Zone Fire Mgmt Crew 1 P A Ruble, WY
Brian Bock, UT
Liz Kinney, OR
Geoff Wilford -Incident Management Training Consortium LLC, CA
Paul Davis -2nd Lifetime
Judy Palmer, AZ
Kim Soper, UT
Susan Buckley “In honor of the all of the firefighters who fought the Beaver Creek Fire, ID”
Debbie Janney- “For Our Friends”
Tom Janney- Janney Aviation
Jeff Prevey, SC
Fred Vogel, CA “In Honor of the crews who saved our home in the Wood River Valley”
Bryan Banister 2009 – VNC Crew 11 & 12 – Ventura, CA
Stuart Bishop, AZ
Dicky Blair -Arrowhead IHC 81-84 -IMO Dan Holmes
Stacee Ester-Highlands Fire Dept-In Memory of GM IHC
Ralph Moran, OH
Tyler Bentley, WA
Marshall Brown, WA
Linda Berkey- Retired CO BLM
Robert Houseman – IMO Mark Morgan & Curtis Jessen, NC Forest Service
Travis Chamberlain, ID
Dennis Baldridge-CA
Our Brothers of E57
Pamela Franco – In Memory of our beloved son Stephen Ray Franco
Michael Franco-In memory of my brother Stephen Franco-You will be on the fire line with me
Marcia Cooper – In Loving Memory of Mark Cooper
Janet Palmer – In Memory of Andy Palmer
Melinda L. Maggio – In Memory of Luke Sheehy
David Barrowclough – In Memory of Scott Norris
Jim Norris – In Memory of Scott Norris
Darrell Willis – In Memory of Granite Mountain Hotshots
Mary Ann Hopf, AZ
Jesse Brookens – Redlands Fire Department (BDF-48, BDF-47, BDF-3…
Lori Giuliani Patterson – In Memory of Billy Carson Patterson
Anne Connor – IMO Retired AK Fire Service – John F. Greene
Ian Smith – Midewin IHC
Dirch Foreman, AZ – IHO Bear Jaw Crew3, Highland Fire Dept. IMO – Granite Mtn IHC
Bobby Bloodworth – In Honor of Kevin Keel
Michael Cunningham, WA – Boeing
Crystal Wright Sherrard, SC
Brothers Our Hearts Our Family
Taylor Olsen – Alta IHC
Dick Hentze – In Memory of Mark Hentze
Leon Ben Jr-BIA, AZ- IMO Anthony Polk
Dana Gleason, MT
Meredith Hollowell, DC – USFS
Shelby Erickson-AZ-Bear Jaw Fire & Fuels
Randy Herrin, OR- IHO Randy Herrin, Retired BLM
Jackie Johnston-Schoell-CA
David Peters-NV
Jerry Wheeless-KY
Erik Hillard-CA
Paul Curtis-CA
Sheldon Beebe – In Memory of Justin Beebe
Betsy Beebe – In Memory of Justin Beebe
Robert Hawkins – IHO the Hawkins Family -In Memory of Will Hawkins
Jacob Nester – Cross Fit Durango – IMO Granite Mountain
Danettte Bialous – OR – IHO Storm King
David Vanderpool – CO
Katy Gray – OR
Gordon Wells – NM
Richard Marston – CA
Jay Miler – WY
John E. Davis – UT
Gary Jarvis – MS
Isaac Naylor – CA
Sunshuri Littlebuck – Naylor – CA
Kelsea Ochs – CA
Autumn Branson – CA
David Branson – CA
Don Draper – OR
Tom Harbour-AZ