Honoring The Fallen

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation honors those who have been killed in the course of protecting our lands, our homes, and our property. The Foundation’s purpose and mission are intimately linked to this concept. It is charged with maintaining the national monument located at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho. The Wildland Firefighters National Monument represents a physical manifestation of the honor and gratitude that the Foundation expresses.

When a death occurs, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation presents a statue to the family. Those statues are from us, the wildland community of interagency firefighters, volleys, and excellent private sector firefighters, and supporters – from us, provided by money we all raised with fundraisers like Ken’s Run, raffles, auctions, or donated via our Wildland Firefighter Foundation’s 52 Club members or our general fund.

The statues are tangible evidence of our wildland firefighter community’s love and respect for our fallen brothers and sisters and promise of support for their families.

Our statues are our runners’ fundraising steps; the strain of our fire crews’ uphill strides, bump; the pulaski’s cuts; the chainsaw’s roar; the rappeller’s descent, the smokejumpers’ leap; the sweat and smell of our brows, pits, and feet; the long, hot smoke-filled days and nights… the elements of the wilderness, including fire.

  • The Fallen

    An online memorial of our fallen firefighters.

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  • Monument

    The Interagency Wildland Firefighter Monument for the wildland fire community’s endeavors and outcomes.

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  • Family Fire Weekend

    A weekend for people to get together and honor those who have died, support the injured and uphold each other in grief and in healing.

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