Family Fire Weekend


“Family Fire” brings together fathers, mothers, grandparents, husbands, wives, children, extended family members, friends, colleagues and inter-agencies together to honor those who have died, support the injured and support each other. This event grows each year, not only due to the unfortunate fatalities of the previous year, but there are many family members and friends who return each year to share time with old friends, meet new friends and welcome those families who have through tragedy, been included in this family circle. This is a family that you would never choose to be a part of, but if it does happen that you are cast into this family, you would never want to be without them as you travel the journey of recovery from loss. With that importance in mind,  Family Fire Weekend was adopted as their continuing credo, “We Are Family”…….and that we truly are.


FAMILY FIRE WEEKEND 2018 is  May 18th – May 20th.