Family Fire Weekend 2017

Family Fire Weekend  May 19th to May 21st, 2017

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Hi Vicki!

I was so excited when you told me that for WFF Family Fire Weekend 2017 you are planning to “do” Fire Camp again!  My son Matt & I  attended the Fire Camp Weekend you had set up several years ago @ Lucky Peak, and had a wonderful, fun,educational weekend there!  In the early years of my son, Dan’s fire career he used to call me on a “sat phone” (no one had individual cell phones then) from various fire camps to let me know where he was as what he was doing. They used to have to stand in line to get a turn at one of the phones set up on long tables. During those calls, he would try to describe what fire camp was and what was available to the firefighters on a daily basis. Hard to imagine what that was like at the time. Being an East Coast family we would never have had an opportunity to see a fire camp, even from a distance. One of my big worries that as a vegetarian he might not be getting enough to eat! But guess what….I found out that many of the firefighters are vegetarians and there were always great food options for them at each meal!

When we got to Lucky Peak….there were many big trucks parked on the grounds supplying  lots of tents with food, sundries, and big tents set up with cots, blankets, and shower trucks. There was a command center where we received “morning briefings,” read notices. It brought back all those memories from the phone calls from the early years. There was a was well stocked commisary. I tried out everything that the camp had to offer, including a nice hot shower in a clean well stocked shower stall. Separate men’s and women’s facilities! We had camp fires at night, lots of time for visiting with friends (old and new) under the stars. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience for Matt & I!   I am really looking forward to doing it all again!!

-Dee Burke

PS. One thing I didn’t mention was what I assume is a “reality” of sleeping in a tent …  I also got to spend the night on one of the camp cots in a large tent with 2 young men and got to “enjoy” the frequent creaking of cots and passing of gas for much of the night that often accompanies the presence of young men!