Event Rental

Main Room

The main room is the largest indoor room in the building, capable of holding 120 people. Fitted with a complete A/V system and a large projector, this room is best for holding large events. This room showcases the world’s largest collection of hotshot t-shirts, as well as the WFF store in the back.

  • Climate Control
  • AV with drop-down projector
  • Sunshade and blackout curtain control
  • Two large bay doors connecting the outdoor area/parking lot
  • Overlooked by Banquet Room bar
  • Dimmable lighting








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Conference Room

Our conference room holds 10 comfortably and is best used for small meetings. Blackout shades and closed doors ensure privacy if needed. The room has its own climate control and can be controlled via remote to ensure the best comfort. A wall-mounted TV can be connected wirelessly, or via HDMI located in the center of the table for ease of use. The table is handmade and is a very unique addition. The conference room is located near a front door for ease of access.

  • Climate Control
  • 75″ wall-mounted Samsung TV
  • Blackout shades/closed door privacy
  • Large round table
  • Easily accessible








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Coors Banquet Room

Our Coors Banquet Room is a recognition of Coors Baquet. This room features a more relaxed environment. A bar seating 20 overlooks the main event room and holds a perfect view of the projector downstairs. A 75″ TV is mounted on the back wall, capable of displaying the same view as the projector. The AV system is able to play audio and video independently, or together with the main room. A large table on castors seats 14 and can be moved for convenience. The Coors refrigerator and popcorn machine ensure nobody goes without!

  • Climate Control
  • AV to work with or independently from the Main room.
  • 75″ Samsung TV
  • Large centerpiece table
  • Bar overlooking the Main room
  • Large refrigerator and popcorn machine
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Sun shades








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