Crew T-Shirt Program

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Order your crew shirts through this program – it was designed by a wildland firefighter to help us.

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides vital financial and emotional assistance to families of wildland firefighters who die, or are seriously injured in the line of duty.  Each year, firefighters lose their lives or sustain major injuries fighting wildland fires leaving families struggling with their loss.  In the event of a firefighter injury or fatality, monetary assistance is frequently very slow to arrive from agencies, if it arrives at all.  The Foundation bridges the gap by granting monies directly to a firefighter’s family to make ends meet in the interim.  We also support families with counseling, legal assistance, and advocacy in dealing with the insurmountable paperwork.  We host an annual Family Day gathering, along with Christmas sponsorships for the children of these firefighters.  The Foundation is primarily funded and supported through the pockets of wildland firefighters.

In an effort to raise funds for the Foundation, a USFS crew in California came up with the idea to start a Crew T-Shirt Program.  Historically, almost every crew – whether it be an Engine, Hotshot, Handcrew, Helitack, or Incident Management Team – has their own unique T-Shirt.  Most of these T-Shirts are purchased by the firefighters with funds out of their own pockets due to Agency policy.

The intent of the T-shirt Program is to raise funds for the Foundation without taking any more money out of firefighter pockets.  Crews are given the opportunity to purchase their own unique crew T-Shirt, etc., from the Foundation with the proceeds going back to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation instead of to local vendors.

A standard list of items is available that the crews ordered from last year.  To streamline the process, the same items will be available this year. If you would like to place an order or get more information, please give us a call and ask for Burk.

Vicki Minor
Executive Director
Wildland Firefighter Foundation